Realm of Cuboids

Project Overview

Realm of Cuboids is a play and earn game where you battle against other players in a brawler-style gameplay.

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What are Cuboids?

Cuboids are cute cube-based creatures who are very possessive of their home (land) and are immediately violent if someone trespasses. Cuboids are offered as NFTs and are playable in-game.

More details in the Cuboid NFTs section.

Play and Earn Brawler Game

Realm of Cuboids will introduce a Player-vs-Player (PvP) Play & Earn video game developed on the Unity gaming engine.

Players will be able to battle brawl style with their Cuboids to earn:

  • In-game token rewards

  • In-game items and equipment (NFTs)

More details in the Cuboids section.

A Cube Metaverse (CubeVerse)

The CubeVerse is the first ever everything-cube metaverse that offers collaboration on a major scale by uniting multiple different projects together to form a community of cube-based NFTs, their games, their tokens and their individual communities. More details in The Cubeverse section.

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