Ability Slots

Limited slots to equip abilities. All Cuboids start with 1 ability slot. More slots become available as a Cuboid levels up.


Players must choose abilities before joining a PVP match.

There are passive and active abilities to pick from. Players can choose a maximum of 2 active and 3 passive abilities.

New and upgraded abilities become available as a Cuboid levels up.

Passives (or "Perks")

Boost the stats of your Cuboid. Example perks:

  • Increase speed X%

  • Increase push force X%

  • Reduce pushback from players X%

  • Increase Health X%

  • Extra Jump +X

  • Shockwave resistant X%

  • Reduce dash cooldown X%

  • Reduce skills cooldown X%

Actives (or "Skills")

Active abilities are categorized into 2 different skill sets:

  • Attack Skills: (Example: Shockwave)

  • Support Skills: (Example: Shield, Teleport)

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