The Game


Cuboids are playable characters in the 3D Realm of the Cuboids Metaverse. The Cuboids PVP video game will feature a fast-paced physics-based gameplay where you play as your Cuboid and eliminate other players by pushing them in a brawl manner off the map or onto traps that cause damage. The gameplay will be designed to reward players' skills rather than luck.

Core Game Loop

Players spawn into a randomly selected map in a battle royal setting. The goal of all players is to be the last one standing. Every "Attack" action (Dash/Abilities) pushes the opposite player away and weakens them. The weaker the player is, the more pushback they will receive.

During the game, random drops will happen to make the gameplay interesting (for example temporary boosts/abilities to the player, adjustments to the map, and more).

Player’s Executable Actions:

  • Jump

  • Dash (Attack / Dodge)

  • Abilities

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