$CUBIX Token


The $CUBIX token is a utility token within the Realm of Cuboids. It is earned by holding a Cuboid NFT.

$CUBIX can be held and traded just like any other ERC-20 token, stored in Metamask or a compatible wallet. $CUBIX is burned, or spent, in exchange for CUBOID upgrades and Realm Extensions.


Token generation: Holding a genesis Cuboid NFT yields 10 $CUBIX tokens per day, every day. OG Cuboids earn 20 $CUBIX tokens per day.

$CUBIX accrued can be viewed and claimed from the official dashboard available on the website.

$CUBIX will eventually become deflationary via "The Realm's Treasure" periodic burning and holders will be incentivized to hold.


$CUBIX can be spent (Burned) to perform actions on Cuboids, as follows:

  • You can RENAME your Cuboid by spending some $CUBIX.

  • You can set the STORY (a kind of biography) of your Cuboid by spending some $CUBIX.

  • If you hold 2 or more Cuboids, you can spend $CUBIX to EVOLVE them thereby, burning your Cuboids.

This evolve feature will be released with a later update and in-accordance with community feedback.

$CUBIX can also be used in the following areas:

  • $CUBIX can be staked to earn the in-game token $SHAPE.

  • Purchase items within the Realm of Cuboids Marketplace. A major portion would be committed to The Realm's Treasure, while the remaining would be burnt.

  • Cuboid upgrades.

  • Land extensions and upgrades.

  • Utilities within the CubeVerse.

  • Physical merchandise store (3D figures).

  • Governance powers within the Realm of Cuboids. $CUBIX holders will be able to participate in governance voting in the future as part of the upcoming Realm of Cuboids DAO.

Tokenomics breakdown will be revealed soon.

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