The Cubeverse

The CubeVerse is the first cube-based metaverse currently in development that is designed to welcome and host any and all cube-based NFT games and projects. Each project will be represented by a cube creature and all cube creatures will be able to co-exist in peace within the metaverse in a decentralized cube "solar system."

Each cube planet within the solar system can act as a host that will enable community members to access various different games and/or projects within the CubeVerse through what is currently becoming one of the largest collaborations of NFT collections and projects.

But little did the Cuboids know that the CubeVerse around them had continued to expand and their fighting and battles had been noticed by the rest of the cube creatures that had settled in the CubeVerse on neighboring cube planets.

The CubeVerse is an everything-cube metaverse that has grown around a light-giving cube star called EyeCube. From all of the cube-dust in space, planet cubes had began to form and were being Tied to the strong gravitational pull of the cube star.

A collaboration on a major scale uniting multiple different projects and developers together to form a strong mega community of cube-based NFTs, their games, their tokens and their individual communities. The CubeVerse is breaking down all silos and barriers allowing everyone to grow bigger and stronger together.

Each project will contribute to the over-all CubeVerse ecosystem with their native token and NFTs. The tokens will be used to create liquidity pools on the CubeVerse Decentralized Exchange (DEX) featured on a planet cube named LunaDEX. NFTs will be contributed to the CubeVerse Community giveaway wallet and distributed among the CubeVerse Community via on-going giveaways and competitions.

The team will continue to seek and join collaborations with various projects and integrations of web 3.0 technology into the CubeVerse.

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