The Team

Realm of Cuboids is being developed by Nalikes Studio which is a technology-focused Web3 and game development studio founded in 2019.

The core team behind the project consists of

In addition to game development, they have also been developing projects with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Prior to The Realm of Cuboids, the team had been developing an application – VoiceMate – supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS), that translates Sign Language to Voice and back. Their first prototype was directed towards being a medium between American Sign Language and English. The prototype was a success and garnered attention from both local and international organizations. Development has shifted their efforts into developing a solution for Arabic Sign Language.

The team's experience & continuing interest in the world of technology and blockchains has led them to the NFT space, to the Realm of Cuboids and the development of the CubeVerse.

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