Long ago, before the realization of the Metaverse, Cuboids lived secret and peaceful lives. The Cuboids species had many different looks that reflected their environments. Some even reflected a mix of those environments.

  • BEASTS could be found throughout nature, appreciating their surroundings.

  • SOULS could be anywhere and everywhere, especially if you could feel the cold chill of their nearby presence.

  • MECHAS were the impression of the future and what was to come.

  • TROGOS were the underground dwellers, tasked with guarding the treasures of the realm.

  • DRAGOIDS the keepers of the Realm, could rarely be seen as they soared high above everything.

  • HEX were the mystery, not much is known about them and their involvement.

The Lore

Beasts were ancient to the realm, and they were respected for their might and wisdom. The other Cuboids trusted them to be their leaders and maintain order throughout the realm. However, Mechas considered themselves a superior species because of their intelligence and wanted to challenge the Beasts.

When humanity discovered the Metaverse, panic started to creep through all of the Cuboids.

Debates spread throughout the species, which caused a great divide. Beasts formed clans for protection from what may come. Souls seemed to become more scarce, when actually they preferred to watch without being seen by the naked eye, haunting those that tried to invade their space. Trogos became more cautious about their treasure, fearing that the chaos in the realm would draw attention to it, So they fortified themselves. However, Mechas saw the arrival of humanity as an opportunity for power. The Mechas assembled an army and began an attack upon their fellow Cuboid species, wanting their fellow Cuboids to fall in line to help conquer the vast Metaverse. War broke out and nearly drove the Cuboids to extinction.

Not all Cuboids fought in the great war, small communities were formed and allowed the Cuboid species to live on. Today, each Cuboid carries one or more traits from another subspecies. It is even possible to find Cuboids with qualities from multiple subspecies.

Now, with only so many Cuboids left, they are scattered and lost without guidance. Some Cuboids may just need a friend, others may be looking for a tribe, and the rest may be looking for the proper army to join.

But little did the Cuboids know that the CubeVerse around them had continued to expand and their fighting and battles had been noticed by the rest of the cube creatures that had settled in the CubeVerse on neighboring cube planets.


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