The 6 Genesis Species


Beasts are an ancient species of the realm and as such, they share in its mystics and power. Beasts favor community and maintaining peace in the realm. Their cuteness betrays their immense might. Fighting is not in their nature, but circumstances have left them no choice.


No one knows the origins of the soul species. They are mostly found wandering around ruins on the edges of the realm. Not much is known about them because of their hidden nature but they are bound by the secrets and mysteries of the realm.


Mechas are an advanced species created as a deterrent to protect the realm and its species from outsiders. Their intelligence led to arrogance and then to betrayal. The Mechas waged war on the species to overthrow the Beasts and take control of the realm.


Cuboids stay away from the depths of the realm, as those who venture too close rarely return. Trogos, though naturally peaceful, get territorial when they feel threatened by unwelcome presence. Unknown to other species, the Trogos have been guarding the realm's treasure for centuries. Since the start of the Great War, word of the treasure has traveled throughout the realm, and Trogos are on high alert. They will not fight, but they will go to any length to defend their treasure.


Dragoids are the keepers of the realm, tamed by the Beasts to protect the Realm from other-worldly threats. They soar high above all else, keeping a watchful eye of the goings of Realm but never interfering. Other species have forgotten about the greater threats to their Realm, but the Dragoids are well aware of the evil that lurks and the chaos they might bring.


The HEX are forgotten myths in the realm of Cuboids. Their existence has faded out in stories over the centuries, but they have waited patiently in their captivity. Seeding evil into the realm through their mystical incantations and whispers. The Mechas, seeking glory, have released the HEX specie to help them win the great war, but the HEX does not deal in fame and glory. Their intentions run deeper...and sinister...

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